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WORKSHOP: Web Surveys: Concepts and Tools




Web Surveys: Concepts and Tools

Nov. 21, 2017 (4 pm – 5:30 pm)

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

A workshop animated by Charicris Pandanon based on her book ISBN 978-2-922636-33-8


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FEE: USD 35  (For Conference Participants)

FEE: USD 50 (For NON- Conference Participants)

(Can pay fee by cash at the time of Conference Registration. Separate Certificate and Receipt will be provided for the workshop)

Several organizations use in-house surveys for their employees and external surveys for their customers and suppliers to illustrate a situation, to assess the importance of a need (for example: training), or the satisfaction towards a service, to verify a number of hypotheses and to predict a behavior.  Surveys are becoming an essential tool for organizations to obtain the information needed.  Academics of college and universities and graduate students are avid users of surveys and related tools for their research.

This workshop is offered to the conference participants interested to be introduced or get a fast understanding on the appropriate methodology to elaborate a questionnaire and broadcast it thru the Internet. 

During this workshop, participants will discuss the best practices in questionnaires construction:

1. What is the classical structure of a questionnaire? In what order should we place the questions and why our decisions are important.  What is the general layout for questions and answers that will lead to successful data collection?

2. The section will present different layouts of questions and provide hints on the appropriate wording to avoid common mistakes and bias

3. What are the choices of questions? And what is easier for the respondents?

4. What is preferable: Open or closed questions?


The workshop will also be an opportunity to be introduce to one web-survey tool:  Surveymonkey (main features and commands)

1. How to create a survey with title from scratch

2. How to create questions with different style of answers (numeric, text, multiple choices, matrix scale, etc.

3. How to collect data

4. How to print questionnaire and results

5. How to export data to MS Excel


Please note: Given the nature of the workshop a maximum of 20 persons will be accepted



Conference Hall- “Avenue 17” (Ground Floor)

Grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

TEL: 603 2697 8888 Ext : 8507  (Attention Ms. Kok Noor)

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